Hospitality & Friendliness
  • 27/06/13Hospitality & Friendliness
  • Translates as "Teranga" in the Senagalese language of Wolof. It is also the name of of Canadian listed Teranga Gold Corporation which operate the Sabodala gold mine in Senegal, Africa. NETTV documents the growth of the company as they reach their 1000th member of staff. View the series of films here: 

Speak Russian?
  • 30/05/13Speak Russian?
  • Our latest offering is a Russian ADR dubbed version of ZincOx Resources' critically acclaimed Introduction for Investors film.

Producing Silver in Mexico
  • 19/02/13Producing Silver in Mexico
  • Here's our latest update for Canadian silver miner Great Panther operating in Mexico. This year we have refreshed interview content, streamlined the film structures and re voiced The Process. The key features of 2013 are the move towards M&A and a series of efficiencies throughout the Company.

A Significant Investment
  • 04/12/12A Significant Investment
  • Longstanding client Focus Minerals' latest film update comes at a significant time for the Company. Focus is on the cusp of raising $225 million through a placement with Chinese investor Shandong Gold. Bringing a cornerstone investor into the fold will allow Focus to move closer to it's production target of of 500,000 ounces per annum.

Newfoundland's Fastest Growing Multi Commodity Producer
  • 02/11/12Newfoundland's Fastest Growing Multi Commodity Producer
  • Rambler Metals & Mining is Newfoundland's fastest growing copper and gold Producer.   NETTV filmed the company's assets over 3 days covering their underground mining  operations, on the surface facilities and the Baie Verte Peninsula from the air. The result is a visually compelling corporate film which you can watch here: 





Why Bristol's EFM?
  • 26/07/12Why Bristol's EFM?
  • Small group teaching, an excellent tutorial system, outstanding career opportunities and of course the beautiful city of Bristol are all reasons why students choose to study at the University of Bristol's School of Economics Finance & Management.

    This year's film is a fresh take on Why EFM? from the students' point of view. We shot the majority of interviews hand held and reduced the interviews to key soundbites making this a fast-paced snapshot of the School.

A Breakthrough in Recycling Technology
  • 07/07/12A Breakthrough in Recycling Technology
  • In a world of finite resources, recycling is an increasingly important component in the supply of commodities. London listed ZincOx Resources plc is at the forefront of advances in the recycling of zinc and iron. The Company recently commissioned its zinc first recycling plant in South Korea. This game changing technology will soon be replicated throughout the world. View the Investor and Industry films produced by NETTV on location in South Korea and London here

Great Panther Silver: Silver Mining in Mexico
  • 18/04/12Great Panther Silver: Silver Mining in Mexico
  • The latest update for long standing client Great Panther Silver is now live at NetTV.

    The crew travelled out to the scenic historic mining town of  Guanajuato in Mexico to film an update for the rapidly expanding company. Heading down to depths of 150m bsl, the film features a mix of interviews, live action footage of silver mining process and processing

Focus Minerals
  • 06/01/12Focus Minerals
  • What's it like to work for your company? Staff morale is so high at Focus Minerals that we made a film about it. "The Team" is a fresh take on the NetTV corporate film that features talking heads from staff ranging from miners to management. We think it will make a great recruitment tool. View the film here:

Mineral Deposits
  • 06/01/12Mineral Deposits
  • Norway's Hardanger fjord just off the North Sea provided the backdrop for NetTV's shoot at the Tyssedal titanium slag and iron plant. The new TiZir gate at is the latest addition to MDL's corporate film and explains the new joint venture with french mining and metallurgical group Eramet. View the film here:

Crusader Resources
  • 06/01/12Crusader Resources
  • Crusader asked NetTV to create a series of films ahead of a major roadshow campaign to promote the company. We turned around a set of four films in less than three weeks featuring the two Brazil based projects Borborema and Posse, the Company and a slick promo for use at presentations and events. View the film here: