NETTV Produce

​We produce films to broadcast standards using our own in-house HD camera equipment, edit & graphics facilities.


On location our 2-3 man crew and kit is light and portable so we’re always ready to capture the moment. Typically during a shoot we’ll prepare interviewees with a media training session, then film a series of interviews with key members of staff alongside live action footage. As a general rule if it moves we’ll film it. We make every moment count as soon as we’re on the ground.

Where we've filmed

As our core offering, the final product is a 20 minute master company documentary honed for online and mobile viewing into 2-3 minute clips on your own TV channel and custom media players (See Share). We understand the changing nature of business so we’ll revisit your company to film refreshed content every month, quarter or year depending on your needs.




  • How many crew should I expect on location?
  • Thanks to innovations in the film-making process we are able to bring a Documentary crew of 2 to 3 people.

  • Do you offer media training?
  • Yes. We will provide training for all interviewees prior to filming. 

  • How many days does it take to make a film?
  • We suggest a minimum of 2 days filming depending on the size of your organisation or project. 

  • How many interviewees do you need?
  • It's up to you, but we suggest at least 3 to offer balance. As a guide we can film up to 3 interviews in a day plus some cut away footage. 

  • How quickly can you turn around a film from start to finish?
  • We suggest 3 week pre production, a week to film and 2 weeks to complete an edit. However we have turned around films within 2 weeks before.

  • Can you produce my films in other languages?
  • Yes we can produce films in almost any language. We’ve produced films in French, Spanish, Chinese and even Greenlandic!

It's heartening to see an external party have such a good understanding of our operations and I think that comes through strongly in this production. 

  • Investor Relations Manager
  • Focus Minerals

NETTV offers companies that operate in remote areas the ability to convey to shareholders and other interested parties documentary style footage of their operations. 

  • Roderick McIllree, CEO
  • Greenland Minerals and Energy

Inter-Citic's experience in dealing with NETTV was entirely positive. 

  • Stephen Lautens, VP Corporate Communications
  • Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.

The filming process went smoothly due to their thorough planning and preparation. 

  • Frank Terranova, CEO

The professional product, timely service and dedicated team at NETTV ensure that you will receive the best value for money in these times when budgets can be stretched across multiple promotional opportunities. 

  • Roderick McIllree, CEO
  • Greenland Minerals and Energy

Your team was very accommodating and professional in arranging the initial shoot in spite of many logistical challenges we presented to you. 

  • Stephen Lautens, VP Corporate Communications
  • Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.

We were extremely satisfied with everything, you guys were very efficient and did a great job. 

  • Vinita Agarwal
  • Zamin Ferrous