We provide you with a set of tools to share, distribute and track the effectiveness of your film.


We’ll set you up with your own dedicated, unique TV channel ( featuring the bespoke NETTV player with scrolling gate functionality. Your TV channel is a one-stop shop for all your films and still image assets.

We’ve got a suite of solutions to enable you to get your films on your website from our pop out player - where your channel pops out from a bespoke button – to our stand alone players allowing you to embed specific films wherever you like into your website. What’s more, we look after the back-end and hosting ensuring seamless playback.

To measure the effectiveness of your films we collect statistical data so you can see how many people are watching your films, where in the world, when and for how long. It’s an excellent way to see how hard moving image works for you in the marketplace.



  • Do we get a DVD?
  • Yes we provide a standard master DVD as well as a looped version to play at conferences.

  • How do I know my film is getting seen?
  • We track all NETTV film with sophisticated analytics so you can see who is watching your film, where in the world and for how long. We are happy to provide you with these statistics.

  • Can I integrate my films into a powerpoint or iPad presentation?
  • Yes our films are compatible with all formats. We are happy to provide you with relevant encodes suitable for your presentation.

  • Can I get the films into our company website?
  • Yes you can embed your films onto your website with our embeddable player. We handle all the back end hosting to ensure quick and seamless playback

My advice, use NETTV it's the best way, simple as that. 

  • Roderick McIllree, CEO
  • Greenland Minerals and Energy

The final video product hosted by NETTV is very professional and effective. 

  • Stephen Lautens, VP Corporate Communications
  • Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.

The quality of the video is excellent, and the internet technology used to host works very well. 

  • Stephen Lautens, VP Corporate Communications
  • Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.

From pre-production to post-production, NETTV's commitment, professionalism and dedication to the filming project was evident throughout our time of working together. 

  • Frank Terranova, CEO